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Safeguards Remote Monitoring Unit

Producer: Louise Potterton, Video Editor: Petr Pavlicek

DATELINE: November 2015, Vienna, Austria

The Remote Monitoring Team of the Department of Safeguards is located at the IAEA’s Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. It has been operational since 1997 and today its network connects over 120 nuclear facilities in 25 countries.

Data is transmitted to the unit from remote monitoring systems, which include surveillance, radiation detection, and electronic seals. A portion of the traffic comes through its own satellite receiving station, located on the roof of the Vienna International Centre.

The data provides information about the nuclear material and facilities between inspections by preventing undetected movement of material at the facility. The analysis of these data forms an important part of the implementation of IAEA Safeguards, allowing the Agency to provide credible assurances that States are honouring their international obligations to use nuclear material only for peaceful purposes. 

Last update: 1 August 2018


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