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Truck with ISO transport container containing the IIN-3M Foton rector’s irradiated liquid HEU fuel is leaving the site of the Radiation and Technological Complex in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After draining the HEU fuel from the reactor core, it was safely and securely placed into transport canisters, which were then loaded carefully onto a SKODA VPVR/M spent fuel shipment container. That container is inside the standard, blue transport container on the truck. (Photo: S. Tozser/IAEA)
28 September 2015
On the road: The transport of HEU fuel from the research reactor to the airport in Tashkent, Uzbekistan View gallery →

<strong>Basic Ionizing Radiation Symbol:</strong> To signify the presence of ionizing radiation and to identify sources and devices that emit ionizing radiation.
5 November 2013
Keeping Radioactive Sources Safe and Secure - Preventing Loss, Theft and Misuse View gallery →

As well as managing spent fuel and radioactive waste as the Chernobyl power plant is decommissioned, the accident means Ukraine must deal with huge amounts of contaminated soil, rubble, equipment and other radioactive materials. buryakivka is one of several waste storage and disposal facilities in the Exclusion Zone.
16 August 2012
Waste Storage Site View gallery →

Children's Artwork Chernobyl
&copy; IAEA
17 April 2012
Children's Artwork Chernobyl View gallery →

Selected images from the IAEA Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Safety held at IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria, 20-24 June 2011.
24 June 2011
Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Saftey View gallery →

In April 1986, a newly built Soviet city of 50,000 disappeared nearly overnight. Pripyat, roughly 2 kilometers from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, ranks among the eeriest, most dangerous ghost towns on the planet.
20 April 2011
Pripyat View gallery →

Police outside Oslo City Hall where the Nobel Peace Ceremony is held.
10 December 2010
Tears of Joy and Happiness: Photos from Nobel Prize Day View gallery →

The procession gathers outside the laureate's hotel, to wait and watch them wave from the balcony.
10 December 2010
Torchlight procession View gallery →

The Oslo Spektrum is fully packed for the Nobel Peace  Prize concert.
10 December 2010
Peace Concert View gallery →

Success Stories in Technical Cooperation
26 November 2010
Success Stories in Technical Cooperation View gallery →

There are many tools available to the IAEA Safeguards inspector. Some of these tools are unique to the IAEA - made specially to ensure that inspectors receive accurate and timely information about states' nuclear activities. The tools also enable inspectors to determine whether the data collected has been falsified or tampered with. This collection of photos looks at some of those tools both in the field and at the IAEA's headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
21 November 2010
Equipment Used in Safeguards View gallery →

The IAEA is a leading advocate of nuclear non-proliferation and security. It celebrates 50 years of international service in 2007 as the world's 'atoms for peace' organization. (Photo Credit: Kressimir Nikolic)
28 August 2007
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