Third Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety Final Press Conference


Progress in the last three years towards improved global nuclear power plant safety and the challenges that lie ahead will be discussed at a final press conference of the Third Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety on Friday, April 22 at 12.30 p.m. at the Vienna International Centre, Press Briefing Room C03.

The President of the meeting, Linda Keen, head of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, and States´ representatives from France, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Austria will take part.

The Review Meeting, which was closed to the press, opened at the VIC on April 11 and has been attended by 51 of the 65 signatories to the Convention. It concludes on Friday.

Parties to the Convention meet every three years. The 10 year old treaty, ratified by 56 States, is an international agreement that commits participating States to maintain a high level of safety in the operation and regulation of nuclear power plants.


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Last update: 17 November 2014