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Top Stories and News

Japan Joins the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material

4 July 2014 | On 27 June 2014, Japan deposited its instrument of acceptance of the Amendment to the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) with the IAEA. Read more →

Food Made Safe by Irradiation Feeds Landslide Victims in Indonesia

3 July2014 | Residents of the remote Indonesian village of Cikadu saw their lifestyle swept away by a large landslide that struck 1 February 2014. The slide, which followed two months of rains, damaged almost 900 homes and displaced more than 2000 villagers. Months later, almost 200 of those displaced remain sheltered at a camp by the Public Health Centre Building, with nowhere else to go. Read more →

Master's Programmes in Nuclear Technology, Science and Engineering

03 July 2014 | Effective decision-making and management processes help to support a high-level of safety in nuclear energy. Though some universities provide courses related to nuclear management as part of their nuclear engineering programmes, there is an increasing interest in providing master's programmes that have a specialized focus on the more advanced aspects of management in the fields of nuclear technology, science and engineering. Read more →


Protecting the Environment with Nuclear Technology - Interview with David Osborn

| Director of the IAEA Environment Laboratories, David Osborn, discusses the main threats to the marine environment and how the IAEA assists Member States to address these issues. Watch video →

Nuclear Data Section (NDS) Through the Years

| In the early years of the IAEA, the need for accurate, scientific data to support the work of this Agency quickly became apparent. View Photos →

Tsetse Fly Genome Decoded

| Scientists have achieved a major breakthrough in a programme to eradicate the tsetse fly in Africa by the deciphering of the fly's genetic code. The achievement will allow scientists to better study the insect's biology and reproduction. Listen →