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'Unless we take urgent action, by 2030 over 13 million people will die from cancer every year. The majority of these deaths will occur in developing countries.' <br />- IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano
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Did You Know? IAEA Helps Fight Cancer

As we bid farewell to the year 2012, here is a recap of the stories and images that punctuated the last twelve months, as they relate to developments in the IAEA's work to promote the peaceful applications of nuclear technology for mankind's benefit. (Text: Rodolfo Quevenco; Cover Photo: Kresimir Nikolic; Other Photos, unless otherwise credited: Dean Calma)
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Highlights of 2012

When the first concrete was poured on the u-shaped building that would house the 'First IAEA Laboratory', hopes were high that this facility would usher in an influx of scientific activity that would would benefit communities around the globe.
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Seibersdorf Laboratories 50 Years Ago

In this photo essay you'll see how scientists use nuclear techniques to understand food consumption and nutrition. (Photo: I. Karpischek)
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Ingredients of Good Nutrition

HUMANS NEED ENERGY for every aspect of their lives. It fuels the production of goods and services.
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Fighting Poverty With Energy Planning

<strong>YES,</strong> there's really a place called Proton Street. <br /><br />

It's at the entrance to the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences at the University of Ghana in Accra. The school, which was started in 2006 with the IAEA's help, has trained more than 200 students, and is one of the best African institutions, with the right equipment and qualified staff necessary to provide nuclear education. <br /><br />

So why should you be interested?<br /><br />

People all around the world use radioactive materials in industry, medicine and research. And without qualified, competent staff to operate and handle them safely and sustainably, we would have less access to sterilized syringes, cancer care, safe food and even working smoke detectors...
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Learning Nuclear

In January, the IAEA continues its efforts to strengthen and make more secure the fragile supply chain of vital medical isotopes produced from research reactors by improving the reliability of supplies, reduce proliferation risks and bridge remaining transport issues. (Photo: I. Iliut/IAEA)
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2011 in Pictures