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IAEA Responds to Cancer Crisis in Tanzania

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Long before arriving on site, novice and seasoned inspectors alike take part in rigorous training.  It kicks off with classroom exercises and lectures before inspectors take their knowledge to the field. The IAEA organizes about 50 training exercises each year, for up to 12 inspectors at a time.
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Training Nuclear Watchdogs

Photo 1 of 14 : The small shops and markets along the road to Cu Chi village, a rice farming community several hours outside of Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam.  The village is the site of fields where new varieties of rice are being grown developed in cooperation with South Vietnam's Institute of Agricultural Science.  The Institute is supported by the IAEA's research and technical cooperation programmes for food and agricultural development.
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Vietnam Villages of Hope - South Vietnam

Photo 1 of 15 : The village streets of Thanh Gia in north Vietnam's rice-rich Red River region.  Families in this small hamlet of Bac Ninh Province have been living off the land and rice farming for centuries.  As a mule-drawn cart approaches, a painted sign promoting 'Xe Om' -- or motorbike taxi -- suggests a more modern road ahead.
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Vietnam Villages of Hope - North Vietnam

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Water for 30 Cents a Barrel

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Training the Nuclear Watchdogs

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A Changing of the Guard


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