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A Decade of IAEA Integrated Support to Embarking Countries

Governing New Nuclear Programmes: Newcomer Success Stories

Date and time

2 September 2021, Thursday
14:00-15:30 Central European Summer Time (Berlin, GMT +02:00)

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The support provided by the IAEA to the Member States for the introduction or expansion of a nuclear power programme is complex undertaking. It starts with energy planning and capacity building to understand the obligations and commitments to be made. Upon request of member States the IAEA has made available an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review Service (INIR) to evaluate the status of national infrastructure development. INIR missions allow the IAEA and the Member States to objectively identify areas where Agency’s support is needed.  Based on the gaps identified the IAEA offers and integrated support framed by Integrated Work Plan (IWP) to provide tailored support for and filing those gaps.  

To monitor the status of nuclear power infrastructure development in an embarking country a Country Nuclear Infrastructure Profile (CNIP) tool is developed. The CNIP serves as a dynamic database to facilitate consensus between the Secretariat and the Member State on the status of nuclear infrastructure development in the respective countries. The IAEA offers and number of tools and capacity building opportunities designed to create an enabling environment for the introduction of expansion of nuclear power.

The objective for this webinar is to introduce the Agency’s integrated support by different IAEA departments and the above-mentioned elements: INIR process, IWP and CNIP development. Other additional tools to support embarking countries such as the e-learning, publications, Nuclear Infrastructure Bibliography and the Competency Framework will also be presented. In addition to those elements which forms the backbone for integrated support, other areas of support with of critical significance are provided to the Member States by Technical Cooperation department, Office of Legal Affairs, Nuclear Installation Safety, Nuclear Security and Safeguards. Finally, the Agency will provide an overview of the initiatives under development to support Member States interested in SMRs to address the infrastructure needs for the evolving technology landscape.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Increase awareness of the complementarity of the IAEA support for the development of national infrastructure needed for a nuclear power programme;
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the adaptation of the IAEA support to the evolving needs of the Member States;
  • Raise your awareness of the achievements gained through the IAEA support.


Milko Kovachev, Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section

Valentina Varbanova, Technical Cooperation – Africa

Judit Silye, Nuclear and Treaty Law Section

David Senior, Regulatory Activities Section

Arvydas Stadalnikas, Nuclear Security of Materials and Facilities Section

Rebecca Stevens, Safeguards – Training Section

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