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Training and Fellowships

The Terrestrial Environment Laboratory supports various IAEA Technical Co-operation (TC) programmes and projects by providing training of fellows, organizing and participating in TC training courses, providing expert consultant services, evaluating fellowship training requests and by functioning as technical officers for TC projects.

Technology transfer and establishment of local capabilities in Member States is accomplished through training programmes that increase the technical ability of specialists from developing countries. The training covers aspects of modern nuclear and non-nuclear analytical techniques, as well as measurements of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides, and the evaluation of the radioecological and toxicological impact on the environment and remediation strategies for contaminated areas.

In addition training can be provided for the production and certification of reference materials, and performance and evaluation of intercomparison studies and proficiency tests.

Training is conducted in the forms of regional and international training courses, group fellowship training (with a strong practical component) and in on-the-job training in the Terrestrial Environment Laboratory. Expert missions to institutes and laboratories in developing Member States are carried out to advice on the design of laboratories, the installation of equipment and on the application of particular analytical procedures.