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RML Facilities

RML has advanced capabilities to undertake sampling in the marine environment, to prepare and to measure the relevant radioisotopes in the laboratories.

XRF System

The XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) system (SPECTOR X-LAB PRO 2000 devise) at RML can perform elemental analysis of solid, filter, powder and liquid samples. The non-destructive nature of XRF makes the technique suitable for samples which later should be used for other analyses. The equipment is routinely used for sediment analysis and homogeneity tests of intercomparison samples. In addition, RML is using it in submarine groundwater discharge studies and in various radiochemical methods.

The system is calibrated for sediment measurements in sample cups with a 4 µm thick Prolene® thin-film and filled with 4 g of dry sieved sediment (1 mm mesh size). The multi-target configuration allows for the determination of elements form atomic number 13 (Al) to 92 (U). The system is weekly calibrated and IAEA reference materials are used for Quality Control purposes. More than one thousand analyses are carried out yearly.

XRF system for elemental analysis.
Collecting a coastal sediment core in Cuba.