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RML Facilities

RML has advanced capabilities to undertake sampling in the marine environment, to prepare and to measure the relevant radioisotopes in the laboratories.

Liquid Scintillation

The Wallac Quantulus 1220 ultra-low level liquid scintillation system

Liquid scintillation is a versatile technique that permits to measure with high efficiency and relatively low background alpha and beta emitting radionuclides. At RML we use 2 Wallac 1220 Quantulus, ultra-low liquid scintillation counting systems, one of which is in the CAVE underground laboratory. The Quantulus achieves ultra-low background levels by both passive and active forms of shielding (asymmetric lead shield and a liquid scintillation guard), and coincidence counting. The Pulse Shape Analyser allows simultaneous acquisition of pure alpha and beta spectra from a sample.

Applications of liquid scintillation include:

226Ra spectrum from a small sediment sample (225mg stream sediment IAEA 313)