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Assessment of the Marine Pollution from Off-Shore Petroleum Exploration

Project Number: ANG/7/002

First year of approval: 2002

Estimated duration: 1 year


To determine the quality and quantity of hydrocarbons and some heavy metals in the water column, sediments and bivalve tissues (mussels) of the Benguela coastal zone.


The laboratory in charge is the Institute of Marine Research, Luanda, Angola, with Ms. Lia Sousa as contact person.


The total budget for this project is 46,600 US $


A scientific visit from Ms. Lia NETO SOUSA for one week in MESL allowed her to know the different activities carried out by the Marine Laboratory of the IAEA and to find facilities to implement some projects in Angola with the IAEA co-operation.

Linked to this project, Ms. Albertina Cecilia LUIS ALFREDO, from this laboratory in Luanda, has been awarded a fellowship of 3 months in the field of Marine Environment and Coastal Zone Management and is trained in MESL in order to learn how to work with the methodologies and the gas chromatograph to be able to analyse the samples in her home laboratory.

The expertise and knowledge being transferred to the laboratory in Luanda will increase the efficiency of Angola to check the impact of petroleum exploration on the environment.