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El Niño Scientific facilities

Institution CRP
Facilities Techniques
U. Arizona Beck AMS, ICPMS, IRMS 14C, 129I, Sr/Ca, U/Ca, Mg/Ca, Mn
CSM Reynaud Culture of corals in controlled conditions Coral biology lab
Pulse Amplitude Modulated (PAM) Microscopes (epifluorescence confocal…)
Photosynthesis Counting systems, 87Sr, 86Sr, 45Ca, 14C (tracer)
Carbon Cycle AMS Lab, U. California (Irvine) Druffel AMS, compound specific radiocarbon analyses, GC/MS 14C, d13C
Stanford Stable Isotope Lab Dunbar IRMS, SHRIMP, Coral coring equipment d18O, d13C, d15N (both organic and inorganic phases)
ANSTO Fink AMS, EA-IRMS (C,N) ICP-AE, ICP-MS, u-PROBE, PIXE, RBS, IBA 10Be, 14C, 129I, 210Pb,
sample prep labs, d13C,
C/N ratios Sr/Ca, Mg/Ca, U/Ca
U. of Technology
Skilbeck Geotek, Core-logging facility
Vibro-coring system
Sedimentary laboratory
Sample preparation labs (logging magnetic susceptibility, density p-wave velocity), Malvern grain size analyser, multiple PAM systems
GNS Sciences Morgenstern Low Level Counting lab 32Si, Tritium, d2H, d18O, d13C, 210Pb
Weizmann Boaretto, Weizmann Low Level counting lab FTIR
14C Prep. Lab Porewater exctraction
Tritium 14C preparation d18O, d13C
IAEA-MEL Sanchez-
Radiochemistry lab Low-level counting lab
14C Prep. Lab
14C preparation, d18O, d13C , 210Pb, 90Sr, 137Cs, MXRF, X-ray images, computer topography
IMARPE Gutierrez Survey ships X-Ray core analysis
Coring devices
Petrographic/ Epifluorescence Microscope
Optical core characterization
MSS Al-Rousan XRD Coral Coring X-Ray, coral coring equipment, coral slicing equipment, coral x-radiography, coral subsampling equipment, XRD, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer Heavy metals
U. Bern (Stanford) Fleitmann/ Kramers MC-ICPMS U/Th dating
IRD Ortlieb CNS-elemental analyzer
FTIR/FTIR microscopy
XRD ICP-MS 14C prep lab AMS
14C, d18O, d13C