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REL - Radioecology Laboratory

Radioecology Staff

Recent activities have focussed contaminants in seafoods and the use of radiotracers to characterise their biokinetics in edible tissues and the bioaccessibility of such contaminants to human consumers. A coordinated research project on seafood safety, in conjunction with the IAEA/FAO Joint Division and with participation of twelve Member States, has focussed on Cd and biotoxins in shellfish. Another area of experimental investigation is concerned with assessing the impacts of ocean acidification on the bioaccumulation of radionuclides and metals in various life stages of molluscs and fish. The Laboratory is also involved in long term studies of carbon cycling in the oceans, and processes governing the export of carbon. Recent field activities include the assessment of downward carbon flux in a coastal area of the Arctic Ocean sensible to climate change and in contrasting environments in the South Pacific Ocean.