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History of the Laboratory

Permanent Facilities On The Port Of Monaco

The laboratory was established in 1961 and was named the International Laboratory of Marine Radioactivity (ILMR). In its early days, the lab was hosted in the premises of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco with a personnel of 6 scientists and 6 support staff. In 1986 the Monaco Laboratory became a division within the Department of Research and Isotopes, currently Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, granted with its own programmes and budget. In 1988 the laboratory shifted to the newer area of the Principality, “Fontvieille” where the nuclear and non-nuclear sections were separated in different buildings. Since then, ILMR’s activities have expanded so much and consequently staffing too that larger and more appropriate premises became necessary. Finally in 1998, ILMR moved to its actual location on the Port Hercules of Monaco where it occupies 3000m2 of state-of-the-art technologies in environment studies. In 1991, the name of the laboratory was changed to “The Marine Environment Laboratory”, which more appropriately reflected the laboratory's activities and existence. Nine years later, the Marine Environment and the Terrestrial Environment laboratories, located in Seibersdorf, Austria, merged to form one division still known as the “Environment Laboratories”. Currently the laboratories operate with a staffing of 59 people and host around 20 post-graduate students and fellows

Temporary Facilities In The Louis II Football Stadium
Laboratory Established in the Oceanographic Museum