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Working with UN and Regional Organisations

MESL supports regional monitoring networks, particularly in the Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Yellow Sea and ROPME Sea Areas. MESL assists countries and regions with designing monitoring programmes, together with monitoring and assessment of marine pollution (ROPME Sea Area). Recent pollution assessments have been carried out in the ROPME Sea Area. MESL works in partnership with several UN and regional organizations, some examples:


  • Contaminants screening studies in the ROPME Sea Area (RSA)
  • Regional and national training courses
  • Proficiency tests on metals and organic pollutants

UNDP-GEF International Waters Projects

  • Caspian Environment Programme
  • Yellow Sea Large Marine Ecosystem (YSLME)


  • Data quality assurance programme for MEDPOL
  • Training courses and capacity building


  • Data quality assurance programme
  • Training courses and capacity building