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Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

The Terrestrial Environment Laboratory is located in Seibersdorf, Austria, approximately 45 km south of Vienna. The Laboratory supports Member State laboratories to enhance:

  • the quality of analytical measurement data both in trace element and radionuclide determination and,
  • their capabilities for evaluating radionuclide migration, geochemical and biochemical enrichment and radiation effects on humans and ecosystems. This includes the development of guides and rules in the area of radiation protection of the environment and the development of radioecological methods to be used in radiological impact assessment.

The activities of the Terrestrial Environment Laboratory are accomplished through the provision of matrix reference materials of terrestrial origin and validated procedures, training, and through the evaluation of measurement performance by organization of proficiency tests and intercomparison exercises.

The activities are also addressed to support global radionuclide measurement systems, in issues of international concern or emergency situations. To fulfil this obligation and ensure a reliable worldwide, rapid and consistent response, the Terrestrial Environment Laboratory coordinates an international network of Analytical Laboratories for the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity (ALMERA). ALMERA is a worldwide network capable of providing accurate radio nuclide analysis in environmental samples for Member Sates in the event of an accidental or intentional release of radioactivity.