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Remote sensing

Daily surface estimation of Total Suspended Matter for the coast of Colombia (Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta)

Remote sensing products are essential for high-quality research into world-wide environmental problems. Satellite observation is a key tool for coastal research and management because it can provide high-resolution synoptic information needed to address many aspects of the ecological complexity and dynamics of these systems. Remote sensing products also provide key information for open-ocean research, including-climate change related issues. With the capability to archive, process and map global satellite data from multiple polar-orbiting sensors, the Radiometrics Laboratory is involved in several research programmes and projects.

  • Field radionuclide measurement and concurrently Satellite data products comparison for the southern ocean.
  • Dispersion of suspended matter in polluted Caribbean coastal ecosystems to assist in the design of sampling campaigns (Figure 1).
  • Impact of climate change on the interannual variability of the primary production estimated from modelling and satellite data.
  • Field study of coastal and open-ocean eddies supported by satellite ocean colour observations for the Mediterranean Sea (Figure 2).
Daily surface chlorophyll concentration of the Mediterranean Levantine Basin. Yellow and red dots correspond to the visited stations.