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RML Facilities

RML has advanced capabilities to undertake sampling in the marine environment, to prepare and to measure the relevant radioisotopes in the laboratories.

Other Facilities

RML has many other equipment and facilities related to sampling, sample preparation and analysis. We share with MESL the use of the ICP-MS system to determine long-lived radionuclides in marine samples. We include here some other useful equipment at RML:

Sea going equipment:

  • Sediment corer (Bowers Midicorer)
  • Sediment box corer (DUNCAN BX750A)
  • Underwater Monitor (Buoy)
  • Water Samplers (2-60L Niskin bottles)
  • Potable winch with motor
  • Portable X ray generators (for on board sample imaging).
  • Large Volume Water Samplers (McLane WTS-LV)
  • RaDeco aerosol sampler
  • CTD (NIXC)
  • Ion Autoanalyzer Quikchem 8000

Laboratory equipment:

  • Grain size analyser (MALVERN Instruments - Mastersizer micro)
  • Grinder (RETSCH PM400)
  • Freeze Dryer (CHRIST Alpha 2-4 LSC)
  • Graphite line (for radiocarbon sample preparation)
  • Large Volume Air Sampler (ECOMESURE - Andersen GS2312-105 BL-1)
  • Fully Automated High Volume Aerosol Sampling device (ISAP 2000)
  • 80Alpha Detectors: Alpha spectrometry
  • 11 Gamma spectrometers: CAVE
  • 2 Wallac 1220 Quantulus, ultra-low liquid scintillation counting systems: Liquid Scintillation Measurement
  • Two RaDeCC chance of coincidence counting systems
  • Two RAD7 radon monitors
  • X-Ray Fluorescence system (SPECTOR X-LAB PRO 2000 devise): XRF Analysis