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RML Facilities

Training center

Liquid scintillation analysis in the Training Center.

An important mission of IAEA-MEL is to provide capacity building services to Member States. This is done, usually in collaboration with the Department of Technical Cooperation, by providing equipment, expertise and training in the framework of development projects. Training is done at IAEA-MEL both on an individual basis and in groups. The IAEA-MEL Training Centre, equipped by the Japanese Government, can host up to 16 trainees, depending on the techniques to be used.

Gamma spectrometry training at RML.

The training Centre has a fully equipped chemistry laboratory, which is used both for radionuclide and other pollutant analysis. Attached to it, a counting room allows trainees to get acquainted with state-of-the-art equipment such as:

  • Alpha spectrometry: Ortec octete alpha spectrometry system
  • Liquid scintillation for alpha spectrometry and beta spectrometry: ultra low level Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer, Wallac Quantulus 1220
  • Beta counting: 2 low-level beta GM multicounter system, Risø GM-25-5
  • High-resolution low-bakground gamma spectrometry: 4 HPGe gamma spectrometers with lead shield.