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Research Coordination Meetings

Two suggestions have been presented to host CRP El Niño Meetings. These are at Stanford (USA) and at ANSTO (Sydney, Australia). The time for the 2nd Meeting will be to a degree contingent on the final arrange for the CRP Field session.

  • Stanford University offers to host one or more CRP meetings during the course of the CRP effort. Stanford University will provide high quality meeting rooms with built-in display capabilities, wireless internet, and in-room computers. They have classroom and laboratory facilities which can be used to demonstrate various coral research techniques to any CRP members that wish to participate in this kind of training.
  • ANSTO can provide all facilities for hosting the meeting, such as lecture halls, projectors, etc. and also assist in the accommodation arrangements at the on-site Hotel at ANSTO. The CRP Meeting will be coupled with a 1-2 day topical session meeting with invited guest speakers in ENSO and equatorial climate change from Australia (ANU, Wollongong universities, Australian Institute of Marine Science). The aim of this topical session will be to provide to CRP visitors a wider perspective on research in climate change aspects conducted in Australia and the equatorial Pacific.