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Expected outcomes

The El Niño CRP has discussed a wide range of scientific and information exchange strategies to address the objectives of the CRP project. These include the following envisaged outcomes:

  • Joint scientific sampling field expeditions to obtain coral and laminated sediment records that address the scientific objectives of the CRP, and provide joint analysis and interpretation opportunities for CRP members.
  • Networking and linkages: the CRP members have established a web site which provides a forum for information and expertise exchange.
  • Publications amongst CRP members that disseminate the findings of the CRP on the various scientific questions addressed by the project members.
  • CRP Meetings at regular intervals to evaluate CRP research, plan new short-term activities, update members on data and analyses, and to review participation and membership.
  • Provision of access to a range of laboratories in order to provide training in analytical techniques, increase the rate of investigation in the countries affected by ENSO and ensure the production of a complete tracer set for each (new) archive.
  • Investigation and scoping of new radionuclide and stable isotope tracers for the study of ENSO. These may include new isotope signatures such as 10Be or 129I and boron biogeochemistry in corals.
  • To make CRP data sets available to the climate modelling community.