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Please send requests for reprints to Ms BARILARO Leslie

2012 List of Publications

  • 12/13 ALONSO-HERNANDEZ C., GOMEZ-BATISTA, M., CATTINI, C., VILLENEUVE, J.P, OH, J. Organochlorine Pesticides in Green Mussel, Perna viridis, from the Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol., 89 (2012) pp. 995-999
  • 12/01 BUSTAMANTE, P., LUNA-ACOSTA, A., CLEMENS, S., CASSI, R., THOMAS-GUYON, H., WARNAU, M. Bioaccumulation and metabolisation of 14C-pyrene by the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas exposed via seawater. Chemosphere, 87 (2012) pp. 938-944
  • 11/18 CHARETTE, M., DULAIOVA, H., GONNEEA, M., HENDERSON, P., MOORE, W., SCHOLTEN, J., PHAM, M.K. GEOTRACES radium isotopes interlaboratory comparison experiment. Limnology and Oceanography : Methods 10 (2012) pp. 451-463
  • 12/08 GENTA-JOUVE, G., CACHET, N., OBERHANSLI, F., NOYER, C., TEYSSIE, J.L., THOMAS, O.P., LACOUE-LABARTHE, T. Comparative bioaccumulation kinetics of trace elements in Mediterranean marine sponges. Chemosphere, 89 (2012) pp. 340-349
  • 10/28 HOULBREQUE, F., RODOLFO-METALPA, R., JEFFREE, R., OBERHANSLI, F., TEYSSIE, J.L., BOISSON, F., AL-TRABEEN, K., FERRIER-PAGES, C. Effects of increased pCO2 on zinc uptake and calcification in the tropical coral Stylophora pistillata. Coral Reefs, 31 (2012) pp. 101-109
  • 12/03 MAITI, K., BUESSELER, K.O., PIKE, S.M., BENITEZ-NELSON, C., CAI, P., CHEN, W., COCHRAN, K., DAI, M., DEHAIRS, F., GASSER, B., KELLY, R.P., MASQUE, P., MLLER, L.A., MIQUEL, J.C., MORAN, S.B., MORRIS, P.J., PEINE, F., PLANCHON, F., RENFRO, A.A., RUTGERS VAN DER LOEFF, M., SANTSCHI, P.H., TURNEWITSCH, R., WAPLES, J.T., XU, C. Intercalibration studies of short-lived thorium-234 in the water column and marine particles. Limnology and Oceanography : Methods, 10 (2012) pp. 631-644
  • 10/16 ONTIVEROS-CUADRAS, J.F., RUIZ-FERNANDEZ, A .C., SANCHEZ-CABEZA, J.A., WEEKWONG, L.L., PEREZ-BERNAL, L.H. Geochemical fractionation of 210Pb in oxic estuarine sediments of Coatzacoalcos River, Gulf of Mexico. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 292 (2012) pp. 947-956
  • 11/15 PHAM, M.K., ERIKSSON, M., LEVY, I., NIES, H., OSVATH, I., BETTI, M. Detection of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident radioactive traces in Monaco. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 114 (2012) pp. 131-137
  • 11/26 POVINEC, P., BURNETT, W., BECK, A., BOKUNIEWICZ, H., CHARETTE, M., GONNEEA, M., GROENING, M., ISHITOBI, T., KONTAR, E., LIONG WEE KWONG, L., MARIE, D., MOORE, W., OBERDORFER, J., PETERSON, R., RAMESSUR, R., RAPAGLIA, J., STIEGLITZ, T., TOP, Z. Isotopic, geophysical and biogeochemical investigation of submarine groundwater discharge: IAEA-UNESCO intercomparison exercise at Mauritius Island. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 104 (2012) pp. 24-45
  • 11/24 VASILEVA, E., AZEMARD, S., OH, J. Worldwide Laboratory Comparison on the Determination of Trace Elements in IAEA-452 Biota Sample. IAEA Report IAEA/AQ/23 (2012) Last update 28/01/2013 L.Barilaro-Hamonic Ext. 234

Complet List

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