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El Niño Objectives

The purpose of the CRP is to apply the latest knowledge and techniques concerning chemical and isotopic methods to the study of the history of ENSO and its teleconnections extending from the Pacific basin into the Indian Ocean and back in time beyond the instrumental era. While ENSO may be a dominant pacemaker of interannual variability throughout the tropics it interacts with and may in turn be influenced by other coupled air-sea climate systems. Therefore, other manifestations of interannual variability, such as the monsoons, will be studied in the Indian/Pacific regions.

Current members of the CRP have significant expertise in the use of corals, laminated sediments and speleothems as high-resolution recorders of climate change. The CRP will initially focus on these archives in our educational outreach and science activities. However, the CRP recognizes that additional archives and new approaches may prove useful as the project develops over the next 5 years and will periodically revisit the scope of our approaches.