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International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management: Strategies, Information Management and Human Resource Development

7-10 September 2004, Saclay, France

Session 2: Managing and Preserving Nuclear Knowledge

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed on Wednesday, 8 September and on Thursday, 9 September 2004 from 9:00 until appr. 30 min after the end of the programme of that day jointly for all sessions held during that day. Locations will be identified on the conference site; the maximum poster size is width: 870 mm, height: 1170 mm. Authors of posters are requested to be present near their respective poster panels during breaks (coffee, lunch) and at the end of each day to answer questions.

Virtual Presentations

This web based session comprises papers which have been accepted by the conference Scientific Committee, but which could not be presented by the author during the conference. The papers are included and made available through this web based session as an additional information resource as a part of the International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management.

  • A structured approach to introduce the knowledge management practice in a national nuclear research institution in Malaysia
    Ms. A. H. Daud (Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research (MINT))
    fulltext: abstract  full presentation
    paper no: 02/WBS/01
  • Nuclear knowledge preservation in Lithuania
    Ms. R. Karalute (Ministry of Economy)
    fulltext: abstract  full presentation
    paper no: 02/WBS/02