The international Chernobyl project. Technical report

This report contains the findings of the International Chernobyl Project. Separate chapters deal with the history of the accident and the Soviet emergency measures, environmental contamination, radiation exposure of the population, health impact, and protective measures. The conclusions and recommendations of the Project are presented, and an annex gives the available data on cesium 137 and strontium 90 contamination levels in populated areas of the BSSR, the RSFSR and the UkrSSR from June/July 1989: these data were used to draw up the area contamination maps. Ref, figs and tabs.


International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria).; IAEA.; Vienna (Austria).


biological radiation effects; blood cells; cesium 134; cesium 137; chernobylsk-4 reactor; children; compiled data; contamination; decontamination; environmental impacts; evacuation; fallout; food; interlaboratory comparisons; iodine 131; man; neoplasms; potassium 40; preventive medicine; public anxiety; public health; radiation doses; radiation monitoring; radiation protection; reactor accidents; soils; strontium 90; thyroid; accidents; animals; beta decay radioisotopes; beta-minus decay radioisotopes; beta-plus decay radioisotopes; biological effects; biological materials; blood; body; body fluids; cesium isotopes; cleaning; data; days living radioisotopes; developed countries; diseases; electron capture radioisotopes; endocrine glands; enriched uranium reactors; europe; even-even nuclei; glands; graphite moderated reactors; hours living radioisotopes; information; intermediate mass nuclei; internal conversion radioisoto; iodine isotopes; isomeric transition isotopes; isotopes; light nuclei; lwgr type reactors; mammals; materials; medicine; monitoring; nanosec living radioisotopes; nuclei; numerical data; odd-even nuclei; odd-odd nuclei; organs; potassium isotopes; power reactors; primates; radiation effects; radioisotopes; reactors; strontium isotopes; thermal reactors; vertebrates; water cooled reactors

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Dosimetry and Monitoring


Book; 1991.; 640 p.

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)