The international Chernobyl project. Proceedings of an international conference held in Vienna, 21-24 May 1991 for presentation and discussion of the Technical Report

This document represents a transcription and, where necessary, translation into English of the discussions that took place within the International Conference of the International Chernobyl Project, held in Vienna in May 1991. Discussions focussed on the health effects of the accident, on measures taken to protect the public, on the extent of contamination, on the management of contaminated agricultural areas and on lessons that can be learned. Nine tables are reproduced: these show the reported incidences of various viral and respiratory disease in adults and children in highly contaminated ares in the Gomel and Mogilev regions from 1976 (ten years before the accident) to 1989. The discussions are intended to be read in conjunction with the Technical Report of the International Chernobyl Project, which will be indexed separately. 9 tabs.


International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria).; IAEA.; Vienna (Austria).


belarus; chernobylsk-4 reactor; children; compiled data; contamination; decontamination; evacuation; fallout; man; public health; radiation monitoring; reactor accidents; respiratory system diseases; soils; accidents; animals; cleaning; data; developed countries; diseases; enriched uranium reactors; europe; graphite moderated reactors; infectious diseases; information; lwgr type reactors; mammals; medicine; monitoring; numerical data; power reactors; preventive medicine; primates; reactors; thermal reactors; vertebrates

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Dosimetry and Monitoring


Book; 1991.; 93 p.

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)