Preparation of an all-union distribution register of persons exposed to the effects of radiation as a result of the Chernobyl accident, with a view to evaluating exposure doses and making a long term public health forecast

The all-Union distribution register is a multilevel information and control system covering almost all parts of the country. This register is to be kept for many decades: it is a large-scale project of great significance for the selection of strategies and tactics for the development of nuclear power, for the use of ionizing radiations in the economy, and for effective and complete solutions to radiation safety problems. Smooth and well-co-ordinated work by all specialists and organizations involved in its preparation is therefore essential. (author).


Tsyb, A.F.; Dedenkov, A.N.; Ivanov, V.K. (and others).


chernobylsk-4 reactor; computer codes; data compilation; delayed radiation effects; genetic radiation effects; medical examinations; preventive medicine; public health; radiation accidents; accidents; biological effects; biological radiation effects; enriched uranium reactors; genetic effects; graphite moderated reactors; lwgr type reactors; medical surveillance; medicine; power reactors; radiation effects; reactors; thermal reactors

Subject Category

Actual Accidents


Report; International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria); Medical aspects of the Chernobyl accident; IAEA-TECDOC--516.; Jul 1988.; 381 p.; p. 345-350.

Place of Publication

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


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