Database for a systems analytical approach to studying the medical aspects of the Chernobyl accident

The main elements of the program data base were the all-Union distribution register and the SDACHA computer system (Chernobyl accident data system) which ensured reliable functioning of the PRIORRA expert system (acronym stands for ''taking of optimum decisions in the event of a radiation accident''). The development of criteria for the optimum selection of countermeasures follows three paths - medical, economic and social - and is based on a regulatory document entitled ''criteria for taking decisions or measures to protect the population in the event of a reactor accident''. (author). 1 ref., 3 figs.


Linge, I.I.; Dushutin, K.K.; Zajtseva, I.G.; Kovgan, L.N.; Labuzov, S.G.; Nigiyan, A.A.; Khokhlov, V.F.


chernobylsk-4 reactor; computer calculations; contamination; data compilation; environment; food; radiation accidents; radiation injuries; radiation monitoring; radiation protection; accidents; biological effects; biological radiation effects; computer codes; diseases; enriched uranium reactors; graphite moderated reactors; injuries; lwgr type reactors; monitoring; power reactors; radiation effects; reactors; thermal reactors

Subject Category

Actual Accidents


Report; International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria); Medical aspects of the Chernobyl accident; IAEA-TECDOC--516.; Jul 1988.; 381 p.; p. 333-344.

Place of Publication

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


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