Medical care during the radiation accident (137Cs) in Brazil, 1987

The report describes the activities of diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of overexposed individuals during the radiological accident of Goiania in Brazil. In particular it describes the handling of 17 individuals who suffered acute radiation syndromes. After summarizing the development of the accident the report describes the radiation injuries of people, the biological dosimetry methods used for the diagnosis of doses and the methods for decontamination. The treatment and the response of the patients is also described in detail. (author).


Selidovkin, G.D.


biological indicators; brazil; contamination; decontamination; early radiation effects; medical examinations; radiation accidents; radiation doses; radiation injuries; radiation syndrome; accidents; biological effects; biological radiation effects; cleaning; developing countries; diseases; injuries; latin america; medical surveillance; medicine; radiation effects

Subject Category

Actual Accidents


Report; International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria); Medical aspects of the Chernobyl accident; IAEA-TECDOC--516.; Jul 1988.; 381 p.; p. 299-307.

Place of Publication

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


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