Methods for retrospective determination of absorbed doses in the human body resulting from external and internal exposure

In order to estimate the absorbed dose to surface tissues in people working in a contaminated area, a calculation method has been developed based on area integration of the modified response function for a point beta-gamma source. Practical testing of the method in real conditions confirmed its usefulness for prognostic evaluations. The main contribution to the dose is made by beta radiation with a limiting energy of 1.0-3.5 MeV and by gamma radiation with an effective energy of 20 KeV. The population centres studied were divided into towns and villages and the inhabitants were divided into seven age groups. Preliminary data from an analysis of the radiation burden of the population in regions adjacent to the Chernobyl power plant zone show that the evacuation of the population from the 30-km zone and other steps taken to organize living arrangements in these regions brought about a radical drop in the levels of population exposure. (author).


Balonov, M.I.; Keirim-Markus, I.B.; Margulis, U.Ya.; Osanov, D.P.


beta dosimetry; chernobylsk-4 reactor; electron spin resonance; external irradiation; gamma radiation; intake; internal irradiation; iodine 131; man; radiation accidents; radiation doses; accidents; animals; beta decay radioisotopes; beta-minus decay radioisotopes; body; days living radioisotopes; dosimetry; electromagnetic radiation; endocrine glands; enriched uranium reactors; glands; graphite moderated reactors; intermediate mass nuclei; iodine isotopes; ionizing radiations; irradiation; isotopes; lwgr type reactors; magnetic resonance; mammals; nuclei; odd-even nuclei; organs; power reactors; primates; radiations; radioisotopes; reactors; resonance; thermal reactors; vertebrates

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Actual Accidents


Report; International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria); Medical aspects of the Chernobyl accident; IAEA-TECDOC--516.; Jul 1988.; 381 p.; p. 203-215.

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International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)


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