INIS Thesaurus

The INIS Thesaurus is a major tool for describing nuclear information and knowledge in a structured form. The Thesaurus is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish languages. It is of great assistance in multilingual and semantic searches. Read more...

Publication No.
INIS Thesaurus
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IAEA-INIS-01 (2017/12)
INIS Thesaurus Supplement IAEA-INIS-01 (2017/08 Supp)
Interactive Multilingual INIS Thesaurus with navigation capabilities Online version (November 2017)
Multilingual dictionary without thesaurus hierarchy
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Reference Series

The INIS Reference Series defines the rules, standards, formats, codes and authority lists on which the International Nuclear Information System is based. The series is an essential tool for users, such as cataloguers, indexers, abstractors or searchers. The series has been published by the IAEA since 1969.

Publication No.
Subject Categories and Scope Descriptions, Rev. 1 (August 2010)
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INIS/ETDE Manual for Subject Analysis (August 2012) IAEA-INIS/ETDE-03
Guide to Bibliographic Description (Rev.8) (June 2009, Amend. 3) IAEA-INIS-01
Samples of Bibliographic Description (January 2000) IAEA-INIS-02
Instructions for Submitting Abstracts (May 1997) IAEA-INIS-04
INIS List of Journal Titles, arranged by country or international organization name (February 2017) IAEA-INIS-11
Database Manual
(History of the specifications of the records contained in the INIS ATOMINDEX files) (May 1998)
WinFIBRE User's Manual 3.0 (September 1999) IAEA-INIS-23