Browse INIS Collection by Subject Category

S01 - Coal, lignite, and peat
S02 - Petroleum
S03 - Natural gas
S04 - Oil shales and tar sands
S07 - Isotopes and radiation sources
S08 - Hydrogen
S09 - Biomass fuels
S10 - Synthetic fuels
S11 - Nuclear fuel cycle and fuel materials
S12 - Management of radioactive wastes, and non-radioactive wastes from nuclear facilities
S13 - Hydro energy
S14 - Solar energy
S15 - Geothermal energy
S16 - Tidal and wave power
S17 - Wind energy
S20 - Fossil fueled power plants
S21 - Specific nuclear reactors and associated plants
S22 - General studies of nuclear reactors
S24 - Power transmission and distribution
S25 - Energy storage
S29 - Energy planning, policy and economy
S30 - Direct energy conversion
S32 - Energy conservation, consumption, and utilization
S33 - Advanced propulsion systems
S36 - Materials science
S37 - Inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry
S38 - Radiation chemistry, radio chemistry and nuclear chemistry
S42 - Engineering
S43 - Particle accelerators
S46 - Instrumentation related to nuclear science and technology
S47 - Other instrumentation
S54 - Environmental sciences
S58 - Geosciences
S60 - Applied life sciences
S61 - Radiation protection and dosimetry
S62 - Radiology and nuclear medicine
S63 - Radiation, thermal, and other environmental pollutant effects on living organisms and biological materials
S70 - Plasma physics and fusion technology
S71 - Classical and quantum mechanics, general physics
S72 - Physics of elementary particles and fields
S73 - Nuclear physics and radiation physics
S74 - Atomic and molecular physics
S75 - Condensed matter physics, superconductivity and superfluidity
S77 - Nanoscience and nanotechnology
S79 - Astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy
S96 - Knowledge management and preservation
S97 - Mathematical methods and computing
S98 - Nuclear disarmament, safeguards and physical protection
S99 - General and miscellaneous