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International Nuclear Information System (INIS), IAEA Library & SDSG

No. 15, December 2013
ISSN 1819-9186


IAEA General Conference and INIS

IAEA General ConferenceThe 57th annual session of the IAEA General Conference was held from 16–20 September 2013. More than 3,000 delegates from 159 IAEA Member States, international organizations, NGO's and the media attended the event held in Vienna. The Resolution devoted to strengthening the Agency’s activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications, encourages the Agency to continue gathering data and information and making them available to Member States through the International Nuclear Information System (INIS).     Read more

Interview with the Head of NIS

InterviewDuring the 57th IAEA General Conference held in Vienna from 16–20 September 2013, Dobrica Savić, Head of the Nuclear Information Section (NIS) was asked to comment on the current status of nuclear information. He offered his view on the requirements of today's nuclear information users, and the improvements made in accessing nuclear information. In addition to a brief historical overview of changes made during the last few years, special emphasis was placed on the latest activities of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and future activities in improving user access to nuclear information.     Read more

IAEA Catalogue of Services

INLNINIS has been included in the recently published IAEA Catalogue of Services for Nuclear Infrastructure Development. The objective of the catalogue is to help Member States identify available IAEA services for national organizations at different stages of the development, or expansion of a nuclear power programme, and request appropriate IAEA assistance.     Read more

INIS Training Seminar

INIS Training SeminarThe INIS Secretariat organized a one-week training seminar from 7–11 October 2013, at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Participants from 18 INIS Member States attended the seminar.     Read more

Future of e-learning in NIS

NIS eLearningNIS has started an e-learning solutions project (the NIS Training Series) in an effort to rapidly expand the quality and volume of its training activities. This project focuses on e-training activities related to the use of tools currently employed at INIS and the IAEA Library.     Read more

INIS Regional Cooperation Meeting in Moscow

Moscow INIS meetingIn cooperation with the National Research Nuclear University NRNU MEPhI, the Russian INIS Centre, and the INIS Secretariat, a meeting on the Role of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) in Supporting Nuclear Education and Industry: Regional Cooperation and Knowledge Preservation was held in Moscow from 22–24 October. Over 40 participants from nuclear research institutes and universities, along with representatives from the Commonwealth of Independent States, attended this meeting.     Read more

Cooperation among INIS Members

Moscow INIS meetingIn the spirit of cooperation among INIS Members and the INIS Secretariat, the National INIS Centre of France hosted a training session for a staff member from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.     Read more

IAEA Library Services and Activities

IAEA LibraryThe number of electronic journals available through the Library increased by 40% in 2013. Responding to customers’ demands for these services, the amount of personalized user profiles and information packages delivered increased by 18%. Access to the electronic Library via mobile devices is now available. The IAEA Library increased its collaboration with other sections within the IAEA, between librarians and its user communities, as well as with other nuclear libraries, UN libraries and key publishers and vendors.     Read more

Worth Reading

Books to readThe IAEA Library regularly obtains a number of new interesting publications primarily in the area of nuclear science and technology, but also from other areas of interest to its users. A selection of recently received publications is listed here for your reference.     Read more

Also, have a look at the article on Democratization of Nuclear Information, prepared by D. Savic and published by Online Searcher.

The INLN Web Coordination Group

INLNIn the first ten months of 2013, INLN members continued to reap concrete benefits from their participation in the International Nuclear Library Network. In this period, seven new nuclear libraries/institutions joined the INLN, raising the number of participating libraries to 49 and the number of member countries to 31.     Read more

NE News iPad and iPhone Apps

AppsIn August 2013, the IAEA Nuclear Information Section accepted the challenge to establish a new vision for content distribution, releasing a brand new application called NE News, targeted to mobile devices based on the popular Apple iOS platform, such as the iPad and the iPhone.     Read more

ICS Developments

ICS The Nuclear Information Section is continually working to improve and add new features to the INIS Collection Search (ICS). Some of the latest ICS developments include enhanced language support, an enhanced search results page, and improved performance of the advanced search.     Read more

INIS Thesaurus: new terms and new interface

INLNA new version of the INIS Interactive Multilingual Thesaurus has been developed and made available on the INIS website. This new Thesaurus version continues the commitment of the Nuclear Information Section (NIS) to offer users an enhanced experience and greater support for new technologies and devices.     Read more

New posters

INIS posterIAEA Library poster INIS and the Library have created new promotional posters. The aim of the posters is to raise awareness of key INIS and Library activities, products and services among a wide nuclear audience at government, industry, educational and research establishments throughout INIS Member States and the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN).     Read more