News from the Nuclear Information Section
International Nuclear Information System (INIS), IAEA Library & SDSG

No. 15, December 2013


Cooperation among INIS Members

CEA-EC In the spirit of cooperation among INIS Members and the INIS Secretariat, the National INIS Centre of France hosted a training session for a staff member from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (EC). The training took place at the national INIS center of France on the premises of the CEA/Saclay Research Centre near Paris during the second week of October 2013.

All aspects of INIS input preparation, from bibliographic descriptions, to subject analysis and the submission of input and documents to INIS, were addressed during this training. Much emphasis was placed on the coverage and input preparation of NCL literature related to eleven international nuclear conferences published by the European Nuclear Society (ENS).

At the end of the training, more than 50 records and the corresponding PDF files were submitted by the EC to the INIS Secretariat at the IAEA in Vienna.

Taghrid Atieh
Head, International Nuclear Information System (INIS)