News from the Nuclear Information Section
International Nuclear Information System (INIS), IAEA Library & SDSG

No. 15, December 2013


ICS Developments

The INIS Collection Search (ICS) is the result of a collaborative effort between the Nuclear Information Section and INIS Liaison Officers (ILOs) around the world. Batches of bibliographic and full text records are sent to INIS weekly by ILOs. These records are checked for completeness and conformity with standards, registered, indexed, processed and finally added to the INIS Collection.

Approximately 2,300 records per week are added, amounting to over 120,000 per year. Over the 44 years that INIS has been in operation, some 3.6 million bibliographic records have been added. Of this total, over 450,000 are full text.

We hope, with the INIS Collection Search, to provide a user friendly and useful interface to this important resource for nuclear knowledge and preservation. To that end, we are continually working to improve its usefulness to our users by adding new features. In the last six months, we have added the following:

Enhanced language support

  • The INIS Thesaurus has been extended in Japanese.
  • Support for the display of non-English abstracts has been added. Additionally, when an abstract is displayed, a language indicator now appears at the top.
  • Bibliographic records saved in users’ workspace can be translated into all official IAEA languages as well as in German and Japanese.


Enhanced search results page

  • Extended record type data in the Advanced Search interface to include more record types, such as: Legislative material, Thesis/Dissertation, Standard, and Software.
  • The full text link of a lead record to the title of all of its Analytic records was added.
  • It is now possible to further filter results from a given query by selecting Publication Year and/or INIS Volume, as well as Country and/or Language.

  • Users can see the size of the PDF file, if such file is associated with the record result.


Improved performance of the Advanced Search

  • Formerly, the Advanced Search page took several seconds to load. Now, the page loads almost instantly.


As you have seen, both the INIS Collection, and the ICS interface are constantly growing and improving. In the coming year, we plan to increase the coverage of the INIS Collection Search by adding more datasets, including the Fast Reactor Database from the IAEA’s Nuclear Knowledge Management Section as well as the Fukushima Archive from Japan. We plan to extend the Collection to include multimedia content, such as video. We will add more features for our users, such as the addition of more possibilities for dynamic navigation, e.g. by descriptor and subject category. These, and many other improvements can be expected. We in the Nuclear Information Section hope that you will find this to be a useful tool for nuclear research, preservation, and dissemination.

Brian Bales
Acting Group Leader
Systems development and Support Group