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No. 15, December 2013


INIS Regional Cooperation Meeting in Moscow

In cooperation with the National Research Nuclear University NRNU MEPhI, the Russian INIS Centre, and the INIS Secretariat, a meeting on the Role of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) in Supporting Nuclear Education and Industry: Regional Cooperation and Knowledge Preservation was held in Moscow from 2224 October. Over 40 participants from nuclear research institutes and universities, along with representatives from the Commonwealth of Independent States, attended the meeting.

The opening speech was delivered through a recorded video message from Mr. Bychkov, Deputy Director General of the Department of Nuclear Energy at the IAEA.

Ms. Taghrid Atieh, Head of the INIS Unit, gave two presentations. The first one included an introduction to INIS and its main products and services; a proposal for regional cooperation on collecting data and information related to major nuclear accidents, mainly to update the content of the Chernobyl DVD - the Accident and its Consequences which was produced in 2005 by the INIS Secretariat and concerned INIS members; and a proposal for providing users with access to the records of a major nuclear information source/database that existed in the former Soviet Union prior to the establishment of INIS in 1970, i.e. Referativnyj Zhurnal (RZ). The second presentation focused on sources of national literature and INIS promotion & outreach.

Mr. Domenico Pistillo, Acting Group Leader of the Systems Development and Support Group, gave a presentation on the INIS Collection Search (ICS) with a detailed demonstration of the ICS and its main features. He also delivered a presentation prepared by Mr. Dobrica Savić, Head of the Nuclear Information Section (NIS), on the future of nuclear information.

INIS Liaison Officers and representatives from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and JINR participated in this event and gave presentations on their INIS related activities. Several presentations were delivered by participants from NRNU MEPHI and Rosatom on nuclear education resources and information support.

The meeting was a good opportunity to encourage further INIS cooperation among the different nuclear institutions, as well as among the participating CIS countries in the region.

The meeting concurred on giving priority to identifying and submitting INIS NCL full texts, and on collecting information related to major nuclear accidents, mainly information related to the Chernobyl accident, and on exploring the possibility and best approach to provide users with access to the records of Referativnyj Zhurnal (RZ). It was also recommended to introduce INIS as a subject in a relevant course at nuclear education institutions.

Taghrid Atieh
Head, INIS Unit

INIS Regional Cooperation Meeting in Moscow INIS Regional Cooperation Meeting in Moscow
INIS Regional Cooperation Meeting in Moscow INIS Regional Cooperation Meeting in Moscow