News from the Nuclear Information Section
International Nuclear Information System (INIS), IAEA Library & SDSG

No. 15, December 2013


INIS Training Seminar

The INIS Secretariat organized a one week training seminar from 7–11 October 2013, at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The seminar covered all parts of INIS operations focusing on all aspects and offering hands on examples of: input preparation and submission of non-conventional literature (NCL), including OCR and digitization, and the INIS Collection Search. It also covered the role of the national INIS Centre and the INIS Secretariat, the sources of national literature, and INIS promotion and outreach. The program included a tour of the IAEA Library and a presentation on the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN). The seminar consisted of lectures in the form of presentations, followed by practical sessions on the different INIS tools and software which facilitate input preparation. This included the use of Friendly Inputting of Bibliographic Records (FIBRE) and Computer Assisted Indexing (CAI).

Participants from 18 INIS Member States attended the seminar and took part in all sessions:  Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Uruguay, and Vietnam. Participant’s feedback confirmed the high quality of the training course and the wealth of information provided.

Taghrid Atieh
Head, INIS Unit

INIS Training Seminar