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No. 15, December 2013


IAEA General Conference and INIS

The 57th annual session of the IAEA General Conference* was held from 1620 September 2013. More than 3,000 delegates from 159 IAEA Member States, international organizations, NGO's and the media attended the event held at the Austria Center in Vienna, Austria.

In his address to the delegates of the 57th IAEA General Conference, IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano summarized the IAEA's activities in nuclear power, nuclear safety and security, nuclear applications, technical cooperation and non-proliferation. He stressed that the IAEA works to make nuclear technology available, access to which constitutes a unique and lasting contribution to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

"The world has changed enormously in the past 60 years," Director General Amano said. "But the Atoms for Peace mission has lost none of its relevance. The Agency has successfully adapted to changing times and the evolving needs of Member States."

At its closing session, the General Conference delegates adopted resolutions aimed at strengthening the IAEA's work in the areas of nuclear science and technology, safety, security, safeguards and technical cooperation.

The Resolution devoted to strengthening the Agency’s activities related to nuclear science, technology and applications (GC57/RES12) “Encourages the Agency to continue gathering data and information and making them available to Member States through the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and other valuable databases”. This gives INIS additional encouragement to continue working and improving in this specific area of IAEA activities.

Egypt, Malaysia and Slovakia highlighted their appreciation for the role INIS has played in the area of nuclear information for the last 43 years.

More information about the IAEA 57th General Conference can be found here.

Dobrica Savić
Head, Nuclear Information Section

*The IAEA General Conference, consisting of all Member States, meets once a year to consider, among other things, the Board of Governors report for the previous year, approve the accounts and programme and budget, and approve any applications for membership. It has the authority to request from the Board reports on any questions relating to the functions of the IAEA. During its regular annual session, the Conference conducts a general debate on the IAEA’s policies and programme and examines a variety of matters brought to its attention by the Board, the Director General and individual Member States.

IAEA 57th General Conference
IAEA 57th General Conference
IAEA 57th General Conference