News from the Nuclear Information Section
International Nuclear Information System (INIS)  &  IAEA Library

No. 14, June 2013


INIS Collection and Activities

INISWith the completion of the 2012 production, a total of 130 999 records were added this year. This brings the number of records in the INIS Collection to 3 494 544. This figure made 2012 the second highest year for total annual input in 43 years of INIS.     Read more

IAEA Library Collection and Activities

IAEA LibraryThe cost of science and technology journals has increased and new technologies have been introduced to the information world. The availability of open access information resources and new technologies offers many opportunities to expand the accessibility of scientific information worldwide. The IAEA Library’s response to these issues has been to balance the expenditures between different formats of information resources and to expand partnerships to sustain the level of access to these resources, as well as to develop new solutions in order to meet new needs.     Read more

The International Nuclear Library Network (INLN)

INLNThe International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) is a global nuclear information and knowledge management initiative aimed at strengthening international cooperation. Libraries, information centers and research institutes from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan already reap the benefits which the INLN offers.     Read more

The History of Digital Preservation at INIS

INIS digital preservationSince its creation in 1970, the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) collects and disseminates non-conventional literature (NCL) received from Member States and international organizations. Initially, INIS received paper based NCL documents which were microfilmed in-house and stored in the INIS archives. In 1997, the INIS Secretariat replaced the microfiche-based production system with an imaging system to process, preserve and disseminate all NCL documents in electronic format. This marked the beginning of digital preservation efforts that continue today.     Read more

ICS Developments

ICS developmentsThe INIS Collection Search (ICS) is the gateway to both the INIS Collection and the IAEA Library bibliographic records. The INIS Secretariat continued investing in the development of new ICS features. Since September 2012, two additional versions of the ICS have been released, increasing the amount of information accessible through this web application and improving its usability and efficiency.     Read more


FIBRE+In March 2013, FIBRE+ 1.0 replaced WinFIBRE 3.0.9, maintaining the same functionalities for INIS input preparation, yet adding powerful new features made available to input centres on the IAEA FTP server.     Read more

The Next Generation Library Management Systems

ILSThe Library Management System (LMS), the tool that connects a library client and a librarian to library resources, initially designed for the management of print collections, increasingly fails to cater to the diverse material collected by libraries. To amend this, the IAEA Library has decided to undergo the process of changing the currently used LMS, a procedure similar to heart-transplant surgery.     Read more