News from the Nuclear Information Section
International Nuclear Information System (INIS)  &  IAEA Library

No. 13, September 2012


INIS Collection and Activities

By the end of July 2012, 68 645 bibliographic records were added to the INIS Collection, making a total of 3 436 096 records available to the public. An additional 21 755 full text documents were prepared and uploaded, bringing the total of full text documents in the Collection to 461 069, of which 311 962 are available to the public.     Read more


IAEA Library Collection and Activities

In 2011, the Since 1958, the IAEA Library has been at the heart of nuclear information management. Throughout its long history, and, assisted by new technologies, the library has provided unmediated access to reusable digital data and credible information in all areas of nuclear energy and its applications. Collections include print, audio-visual and electronic resources, the latter representing the largest share.     Read more


The International Nuclear Library Network (INLN)

The International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) is a global nuclear information and knowledge management initiative aimed at strengthening international cooperation. Libraries, information centers and research institutes from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan already reap the benefits which the INLN offers.     Read more


The History of the INIS Collection Search

The INIS Collection Search (ICS) is “the free and open web access to INIS Collection”. This was the definition chosen to present the ICS during the last IAEA General Conference. Behind this simple definition a significant amount of work was done during the last two years to develop a strong web search application. This article looks into the history of the ICS, describing its powerful functionalities. The current version of the ICS was released at the end of July 2012.     Read more


Collection Search – Technology Overview

The INIS Collection Search (ICS) enables its users to search and retrieve information both efficiently and effectively. This article gives a glance behind the scenes, looking at the software technology, the search solutions and the development methodologies which were used to make the ICS a high performance application.

A customized version of Google Search Appliance© (GSA) is used by the ICS to perform its search operations. GSA is an enterprise level search solution offered by Google, consisting of a rack-mounted device providing document indexing functionality. GSA crawls and indexes full text PDF documents and bibliographic data in the INIS and Library Collections.     Read more


Mobile Version of the INIS Website

In line with a recommendation from the 13th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting, INIS implemented a mobile version of its website.

With this development, INIS website visitors can easily explore the site on a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android. When accessing INIS from a mobile device, visitors will automatically be re-directed to the mobile version of the INIS website, which optimizes the display for such devices.     Read more


INIS Web Analytics

Using data gathered through Google Analytics from 1 January to 31 August 2012, the quantitative and qualitative analyses of the following websites were performed: INIS Collection search, INIS home page and INIS Members’ area.     Read more


Digital Preservation

From the creation of INIS in 1970 until 1996, over 312 000 non-conventional literature reports received from Member States and international organizations were collected and converted to microfiche. The microfiche collection contains over 1 million items, with an estimated 17 million pages of full texts.     Read more