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No. 13, September 2012


IAEA Library Collection and Activities

Since 1958, the IAEA Library has been at the heart of nuclear information management. Throughout its long history, and assisted by new technologies, the Library has provided unmediated access to reusable digital data and trusted information in all areas of nuclear energy and its applications.

The Library’s collections are unique, making it one of the essential nuclear information centres in the world. Novel methods of making the IAEA's vast historical and current nuclear information resources available to the largest possible audience are continuously employed. The digitisation projects undertaken have brought into focus new ways of accessing old and current research materials.

The key objectives of the IAEA Library are ensuring the continuous availability of nuclear information to stakeholders, contributing to the preservation of digital information for future generations, and developing innovative nuclear information services for the benefit of the IAEA Secretariat, countries with advanced nuclear power programmes and newcomers. The provision of exemplary customer service through skilled search and information seeking techniques and personal relationships is core to the mission and purpose of the IAEA Library. The services offered to IAEA Staff, Members of Permanent Missions in Vienna, and registered participants of IAEA meetings and workshops include:


The Library collects materials in a wide variety of formats, covering a broad spectrum of subjects relating to IAEA programmes, focusing on nuclear energy and its applications. As a hybrid library, more than 45% of all resources are available in electronic form. The majority of these resources can be freely accessed by users worldwide through the Library catalogue.

Library Subscriptions

The IAEA Library establishes and maintains subscriptions to numerous resources and vendors. Currently subscriptions encompass more than 40 databases, 10 000 electronic journals and other on-line resources. Within the IAEA IP range, articles found and downloaded by users are made available through the Library’s subscriptions or through linking mechanisms provided by sophisticated technology run and supported by the Library.

Circulation and Interlibrary Loan

The Library lends books, documents, technical reports, standards, and audiovisual material to registered library clients and other libraries through interlibrary loans. The Library can also borrow similar materials from other libraries on behalf of eligible library users. We also lend materials to researchers through other libraries.

Article or Document Delivery

The Library can purchase documents from document delivery vendors, retrieve articles, technical reports, standards and other documents from our print or online resources, or borrow such materials through interlibrary loans for eligible clients.


The Library offers a daily, weekly or monthly alerting service on select topics relating to scientific research, news, citations, and the Library catalogue. Every two weeks, an announcement service with the latest resources added to our collections and other relevant information is distributed to registered Library users.

Reference and Research Support

The Library offers full reference or research support services to eligible clients, and limited services to the public. The research service incorporates literature searches and the use and evaluation of both closed and open access sources.

Training and Consultation

Specialized, custom-made training sessions on nuclear information and knowledge management are offered on a regular basis. Eligible participants are notified through the IAEA Library announcement service or the Library’s intranet website. Library staff are available to IAEA Staff or IAEA Member States for consultation on the organization and availability of nuclear information.

Quiet Study

A reading room provides space to browse new books, recent journals and daily newspapers. Electronic resources can be accessed through the workstations available to Library visitors. Guest Wi-Fi access is also available.


The Library organizes, co-organizes and supports regular lectures, workshops and meetings on topics relevant to the IAEA’s fields of action.


The IAEA Library is the coordinating Library of the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN), where nuclear information professionals from 27 countries around the world come together to share knowledge and information. The INLN, as a global nuclear knowledge management initiative, aims to strengthen international cooperation. Find more information at:

In short, a strong customer orientation provides information on all Library services and activities. Because personal connections are critical to providing Library users with the right information at the right time, the Library has a team of agile and skilled nuclear information professionals who respond quickly and know the appropriate resources in breadth and depth.

More about the IAEA Library:

Thanos Giannakopoulos
Librarian/Communications Specialist
International Nuclear Library Network Coordinator