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No. 12, March 2012


INIS and IAEA Library Restructuring

The Director General of the IAEA approved an overall restructuring of the Department of Nuclear Energy (NE). This included establishing a new Nuclear Information Section (NIS) comprising INIS, IAEA Library and Systems Development and Support Group.     Read more


NIS 2011 Highlights

In 2011, the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) continued to play an important role in managing world nuclear information, remaining a main source of nuclear information for many IAEA Member States. A total of 3,367,451 bibliographic records and 309,627 full-text documents are now available to the public.     Read more

During the last 12 months the IAEA Library continued providing effective information services, complementing its print collection with an increasing number of electronic resources. The focus is on tailoring customer services to meet clients' needs.     Read more


INIS Collection Search

Search INISThe 1st of September 2011 will go down in the history of INIS as a date when the old INIS Online Database (IODB), was replaced by the new INIS Collection Search (ICS) web application. This represents the most important outcome achieved in 2011 and can be considered one of the major improvements of the services provided to users since the establishment of the INIS Secretariat.     Read more


International Nuclear Library Network (INLN)

Throughout 2011, members of the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) continued to contribute to nuclear information and knowledge management on a global scale.     Read more


INIS in the World

Japan flagThe INIS Secretariat has established a section on its website called “INIS in the World”. This area is used to publish news and information, such as special events, presentations, training, newsletters or information materials, from national INIS centres around the world. The latest contribution came from the national INIS centre of Japan.     Read more


New INIS Members

During 2011 three new Member States joined INIS: The Republic of Chad, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, and the Gabonese Republic. This brings the total number of INIS Members to 151. We would like to welcome those new members on board. Names and contact information of the new INIS Liaison Officers is available on the INIS web site.


eBooks in Libraries

Following the influx of portable technologies and the proliferation of modern communication tools, libraries are inventing a future beyond circulating collections, and are becoming a community platform for unique reading experiences and content.     Read more



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