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No. 12, March 2012


International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) — Achievements in 2011

Throughout 2011, members of the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN) continued to contribute to nuclear information and knowledge management on a global scale. At a time when digital resources are growing in great proportions, the INLN further facilitated the nuclear information exchange, providing a forum in which knowledge created through inter-organizational sharing was disseminated.

Resource sharing is a well-established practice among the 36 nuclear libraries, of which 27 countries actively participate. Requests for Information (RfIs) among members have more than doubled in 2011, an increase of 124.7% compared to 2010, largely due to the need for more information support during and after the Fukushima Daiichi incident. The Document Delivery service remains the major attraction of the INLN, representing the largest share of requests. Research support service and requests for Interlibrary Loan are also a strong offering to INLN members. Finally, a newly introduced service of providing guidance on nuclear information and knowledge management via email, telephone or Skype, already represents 7% of service requests, marking a trend for the future.

The more requests are submitted and met by INLN members, the more efficient the Network becomes. All Network stakeholders are reaping the benefits: research on nuclear energy is encouraged and assisted, the exchange of scientific and technical information is further fostered, partnerships are strengthened, a nuclear information infrastructure is laid down, and barriers to sharing are overcome. To advance the particular focus on nuclear information and knowledge management, and in order to continue to gain momentum, steps towards an all-encompassing, one point access to the INLN’s pool of information resources need to be taken.

Thanos Giannakopoulos
INLN Coordinator
Librarian/Communication Specialist
IAEA Library