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No. 12, March 2012


INIS in the world

The INIS Secretariat has established a section on its website called 'INIS in the World'. This area is used to publish news and information, such as special events, presentations, training, newsletters or information materials, from national INIS centres worldwide.

A link to this section is available from the 'In focus' part of the INIS home page.

Here is the latest item submitted, from the national INIS centre of Japan.

INIS promotion at the Global 2011 international conference: Japan National INIS Centre

The Library of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), which serves as the National INIS Centre of Japan, gave a presentation entitled 'INIS-based Japanese Bibliographic Tools for Human Resource Development' at the Global 2011 international conference, which was held in Japan in December 2011.

The purpose of the conference was to discuss medium and long term prospects of atomic energy and nuclear fuel cycles across nations and beyond generations after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (FDNPS) accident, focusing on drawing lessons from the accident and sharing them globally.

The presenter of the JAEA Library stressed the usefulness of INIS for human resource development in the nuclear field, demonstrating the importance of collecting reliable references to help resolve the accident of FDNPS and also to remediate the environment contaminated by radioactive materials. He introduced two Japanese bibliographic tools based on INIS, i.e. the 'Transliterated Japanese journal title list' and the 'INIS Thesaurus in Japanese', elaborated to help Japanese INIS users searching for articles or documents to better match their needs.

The INIS Secretariat strongly encourages all national INIS centres to share their various promotional activities with the INIS community, by sending information on their latest activities to the INIS Secretariat.

Taghrid Atieh
Head of INIS Unit