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No. 12, March 2012


INIS in 2011

The International Nuclear Information System (INIS) was established by the IAEA, in collaboration with interested Member States and international organizations, in 1969. The main objective of INIS was to provide access to information on scientific literature on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy published worldwide. INIS operates under special membership arrangements that set specific duties and privileges. Chad, Mauritania, and Gabon joined INIS in

2011, bringing the total number of INIS members to 151 (127 countries and 24 international organizations). In 2011, 109 914 bibliographic records were added to the INIS Collection, making a total of 3 367 451 records available to the public. An additional 13 586 full-text documents were prepared and uploaded, bringing the total of full-text documents available in the Collection to 439 314, of which 309 627 are available to the public. This collection of documents on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology is now fully indexed and searchable online using Google-based technology. Over 50 000 searches and 3500 downloads were performed monthly.

The 13th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting (JTCM) was held from 20 to 21 October 2011 in Vienna, Austria and 12 countries participated. 27 Actions and Recommendations were adopted as guidelines for cooperation and direction for the next two years.

The joint INIS/ETDE Thesaurus, Revision 2.4, was issued in April and contains 21 881 valid descriptors and 8675 forbidden terms.

The INIS Online Database was replaced by the Google-based INIS Collection Search web application, improving search performance and accuracy. By the end of 2011, the monthly average of Collection searches exceeded 40 000, and 4 000 files were downloaded. INIS production and release processes were redesigned to be based on XML format, removing one barrier for Unicode compliance. IT infrastructure used to support INIS business was consolidated and upgraded.

Training, assistance and feedback was provided to a number of INIS centres, improving all aspects of their INIS operation capabilities. In 2011, INIS also organized a well-attended regional (AFRA) training course in Morocco, and a training seminar in Vienna. Overall, 40 staff members from Member States in different regions were trained on all aspects of INIS activities and operation.

A new set of two INIS database archival DVDs was developed and made available to Member States. The distribution of INIS full-text NCL to Member States was made available on DVD instead of CD-ROM.

Assistance in promotional materials was provided to INIS Liaison Officers to promote INIS within their national boundaries. A number of presentations were delivered at IAEA in-house meetings to delegates from Members States about INIS and its activities, encouraging greater contributions from the members.

INIS was also very active in the preservation of nuclear information. In 2011, over 630 000 pages were digitized in close cooperation with Member States. A number of IAEA digitization projects and initiatives were supported.

180 computer program packages from the OECD/NEA Data Bank were provided to 21 IAEA Member States, 76 codes received from IAEA Member States were dispatched, and 19 new computer packages were received from IAEA Member States.

The commitment of INIS Members, the enthusiasm of INIS staff and a forward-looking strategy puts INIS in a position to meet the information needs of today and of future generations.

INIS Secretariat