News from the International Nuclear Information System
Number 10, September 2010


INIS Meetings

Date Name Location Contact
20-21 October INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting IAEA, Vienna, Austria D.Savic
14-16 November INIS Training Seminar in Vienna IAEA, Vienna, Austria T.Atieh

NKM Meetings

Date Name Location Contact
19-22 July To facilitate an International Community of Practice in nuclear knowledge management (ICoP) IAEA, Vienna, Austria U.Ugbor
8-26 August School of Nuclear Energy Management Trieste, Italy Y.Yanev
5-9 September School of Nuclear Knowledge Management Trieste, Italy M.Sbaffoni
3-6 October Fast Reactor Knowledge Preservation Initiative IAEA, Vienna, Austria A.Pryakhin
17-20 October Regional and Interregional Networks for Education and Training in Nuclear Science and Technology (LANENT) TBD M.Sbaffoni
9-11 November Produce a Guidance Document on the Status of Policies and Strategies in Nuclear Higher Education IAEA, Vienna, Austria M.Sbaffoni
14-18 November Regional and interregional networks for education and training in nuclear science and technology (ANENT) TBD K.Hanamitsu
5-8 December Networking for nuclear education, and standarizing curricula and subjects contents for nuclear subjects IAEA, Vienna, Austria M.Sbaffoni
3Q Establishing a Regional Hub for Education and Training in KUSTAR UAE U.Ugbor