News from the International Nuclear Information System
Number 11, June 2011


The 13th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting

The INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee (JTC), suggested at the 9th Advisory Committee for INIS in 1991, grew from an INIS/ETDE cooperation formally established in a Memorandum of Understanding signed in April 1994 which formalized the relationship between the ETDE and the IAEA, and more specifically INIS, as it pertained to database development and the assurance of data integrity. The first JTC meeting was held in October 1995. Joint printing of authorities, and in particular of the Thesaurus, was the main area of cooperation at the very beginning, and continues until today.

On the 20th – 21st of October 2011, the 13th INIS/ETDE Joint Technical Committee Meeting will be held in Vienna. Delegates from more than a dozen ETDE and INIS Member States are expected to participate in this two-day meeting.

An important element of the success of both databases was the continued development of information technology to assist participating countries and their respective data input centres in providing quality assurance of information. Discussions during the upcoming JTC Meeting will focus on INIS/ETDE general issues and current activities, as well as preparation for future INIS/ETDE role and activities.


Dobrica Savic