News from the International Nuclear Information System
Number 11, June 2011


New INIS collection search capability

Over 3.3 million bibliographic records and more than 280,000 full-text non-conventional documents are now fully indexed and searchable on the Internet using Google-based technology, thanks to a new INIS web search interface launched on the 18th of April 2011. Following a recommendation of the 35th ILO meeting, the Google Search Appliance is now used as the underlining search technology for the entire INIS collection.

The new INIS Collection Search increases the speed of searching and downloading, and supports multilingual queries as well as the standard search interface. It also introduces a new advanced search feature with the following key benefits:


  • Metadata field searches such as by abstract, author, country, descriptors, language and title.
  • Boolean searches using OR/AND/NOT operators to build queries.
  • Dynamic management of complex queries enabling users to build and manage complex queries easily by adding or removing conditions dynamically. Moreover, any query performed using the standard search interface is broken down into subset queries in the advanced search interface, allowing the user to then choose to remove or add conditions.
  • Integration with other systems where any query built by the advanced search interface can be done directly in a simple, external INIS widget to achieve the same search results.


Detailed information on using the new web interface is available in the INIS collection search help file.

The INIS collection search is accessible from the INIS website, or directly from


Dobrica Savic