News from the International Nuclear Information System
Number 10, September 2010


INIS Meetings

Date Name Location Contact
28-29 October 35th Consultative Meeting of INIS Liaison Officers IAEA, Vienna, Austria D.Savic

NKM Meetings

Date Name Location Contact
27 Sept. - 1 Oct. Technical Meeting on Developing NE Series Guide to Nuclear Knowledge Management IAEA, Vienna, Austria Z.Pasztory
11-14 October Technical Meeting on International Community of Practice in Nuclear Knowledge Management (ICP NKM) IAEA, Vienna, Austria A.Pryakhin
19-22 October Standing Advisory Group on NE (SAGNE): Second Meeting in Fourth Term (SAGNE IV 2) IAEA, Vienna, Austria Y.Yanev
27-29 October Technical Meeting on Standardizing Curricula for Nuclear Power and Non-Power applications to Support Human Resources Development (HRD) Programmes in Nuclear Science and Technology IAEA, Vienna, Austria M.Saidy
1-5 November Technical Meeting on the Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (ANENT) Hanoi, Vietnam K.Hanamitsu, Y.Yanev
8-26 November Training/Workshop on the School of Nuclear Energy Management (in cooperation with ICTP) Trieste, Italy M.Saidy
29 Nov. - 3 Dec. Research Coordination Meeting on Increasing NPP Performance through Process-Oriented Knowledge Management Approach IAEA, Vienna, Austria Z.Pasztory
1-3 December Technical Meeting on the Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Science and Technology (LANENT) Lima, Peru Y.yanev
6?-9 December Technical Meeting on Developing Methodologies and Tools for Fast Reactor Knowledge Preservation IAEA, Vienna, Austria A.Pryakhin