News from the International Nuclear Information System
Number 9, June 2010
ISSN 1819-9186


Better understanding INIS Members? promotional needs

Understanding the environment it operates in and the customers or partners that it interacts with is essential for any organisation. This is especially important for an information system like INIS, built on international collaboration with more than 145 members.

In the decentralised approach that has been adopted in INIS operations, the promotion of INIS? products and services is one of the key endeavours conducted by INIS Centres together with the INIS Secretariat. In an effort to gage its member?s needs in this area, the INIS Secretariat conducted a brief survey to collect feedback and determine how to better assist members with their promotion and marketing efforts. The survey demonstrated that members were largely satisfied with existing promotional materials and indicated which products were considered the most useful by the National INIS Centres in promoting INIS. Two of the products deemed most useful were the INIS Topical CDs and the INIS Flyer.

However, other findings of a more strategic nature were also discerned and can be of use to other similarly structured information systems. Firstly, the need to move to simpler and more graphic promotional materials was identified, leading the INIS Secretariat to revise its existing promotional materials like its flyer, its poster or even this newsletter, which became shorter and more targeted. Secondly, it became clear that to better serve members, efforts should be increasingly focused on the promotional products deemed most useful by the members themselves, like the INIS Topical CDs. Thirdly, the survey results confirmed the importance of facilitating knowledge sharing between members, so that knowledge sharing has recently been initiated through INIS? member?s only web portal. Lastly, the survey verified the need for providing members with tools to facilitate the creation of customised materials by the members themselves. As a result, the Secretariat is working on developing a customizable INIS Flyer Template and on creating a repository of images, or Image Bank, available to INIS Centres and to which they can contribute.

Bruna Lecossois